Aruba Weddings

Aruba Weddings

For a great blend of the fun, fabulous, and scenic for your destination wedding, jet off to the island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean Sea. Here, couples find the perfect location for just about any type of ceremony or reception imaginable. Picture your Aruba wedding in the exciting and vibrant atmosphere of the large hotels of Palm Beach, or perhaps on a dramatic rocky shore on the eastern side of the island.

What about on a beautiful natural rock bridge, carved out by years of ocean waves, or inside the tiny, tranquil Alto Vista Chapel with its endless coastal views? From the exhilarating to the laid-back, it’s easy to match the tone of your ideal wedding with one of Aruba’s beautiful locations!

Perhaps best known for its hotspot area of Palm Beach, the island’s western coast provides plenty of entertainment to keep you and your guests busy. Nightlife, restaurants, shopping, bars, hotel shows, and more are all within easy access of this white sand stretch, making it an excellent spot to base yourself during your time in Aruba.

Another popular west coast destination is the casinos, great for an exciting night of gambling and drinks as a newlywed couple! The high-rise hotels (many with casinos attached) offer a wide variety of wedding packages and services to couples, making life easier for those who simply want to relax and enjoy the setting. One of the most crowded and developed areas of Aruba, expect to see lots of people in Palm Beach, but certainly never expect a dull moment!

For those who want a slightly quieter location for their Aruba wedding ceremony, try a beach like Manchebo or Eagle, also located on the western side of the island. All of the west-side beaches stay flat, calm, and idyllic with clear blue waters, but south of Palm Beach, things tend to quiet down a bit.

Here couples find the low-rise hotels and a more tranquil atmosphere, letting you take in more of the scenery with less fuss and distraction. To the north of Palm Beach sits the California Lighthouse at the very tip of the island, a beautiful and quiet setting with excellent views, perfect for an intimate ceremony.

The eastern coast of Aruba is where the hotels end, and the wild and rugged scenery takes over. There are some prime wedding sites here if you don’t mind trekking to get to them dramatic crashing waves, rocky beaches, spraying water, and of course epic scenery. Don’t expect cushy accommodations, bars, or shops, but do expect plenty of untouched natural beauty unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

No matter what type of Aruba destination wedding ceremony you have in mind, the perfect location awaits you on this diverse island, full of life, entertainment, and the natural, stunning beauty of the Caribbean. Marry in your venue of choice, and then spend your honeymoon visiting all the sites in Aruba you’re certain to create destination wedding memories to last a lifetime on this lovely gem of an island.