Brides with the Kids

Brides with the Kids

Remarriage is a dream coming true for the bride. But as a mom, she has to face a lot of hassles to make the kids blissful and happy. Today, 40% of marriages are now remarriages for at least one of the adults. Though brides with the kids are a new tradition, the reality has to be accepted. You cannot expect an innocent, young bride given away by her parents, in this situation.

Your children need special and extra attention as they might be excited feared or isolated. Anyway, they need much care from you as a mother. It is you who have to make the balance between the kids and your fiance. Your wedding is your choice and you will be totally contented with the fiance, the children, and life with both of them. But it is not for the kids as they did not choose their partner. They will be preoccupied with the thoughts of the changes that their stepfather is going to bring into the household.

So don’t ever try to pose your fiance as a disciplinarian or need a routine.

But you have to make routines before your spouse arrives at your household. Make the kids go to bed earlier so you can have time with your husband, without embarrassing your kids. Or you can adopt any other forms like sending them to music classes, or engage in other activities. Make sure you start before you get married. So that they will get used to the changes and enjoy the new family.

Eventually, you arrange a friendly meeting of your kids with their stepfather. It is in your hands to make the situation in warmth and ambiance. Make your kids feel that your spouse is not a person to be frightened of, but a good companion with whom they can grow well as adults.

If you do enough homework before the wedding takes place. When you make the changes, it must be in such a way that they accept it without any pressure stress, or resentment. If you postpone the serious stuff to wait until the wedding, your kids may not wait. It is hard to do homework in your engagement mood, but it is worth it throughout your lifetime. You need not face any tantrums between the kids and the spouse. You naturally can be a good mom and a blissful bride.

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