Explain Loan Express

Explain Loan Express

With a loan from Loan Express, you can pay off all your existing credit cards, bad credit, overdrafts & unsecured loans and replace them with just one manageable monthly payment. Alternatively, you could splash out on a dream holiday, a new car, or improvements for your home.


Or if you are buying a home or investment property for the first time, we can make the process as painless as possible with our great deals and bonds. Arranging your loan couldn’t be easier. There are no interviews and everything can be completed professionally and without delay. Loan eXpress and its partners have gained respect throughout the finance industry for our honesty, professionalism and best online marketing services. Our loans are made available through bond originators and trustworthy financial institutions.

Personal Loans

For loans below R20,000, we can possibly provide you with an unsecured personal loan, depending on your income and current financial situation. Personal loans above R50,000 are typically handled as a second bond on the property. Because the amount is so much higher, we’ll require that you own your own home to be used as security.

If you have a clean credit record you can apply for motor financing to be utilized at the motor dealer of your choice. If you have bad credit you can still apply for motor financing and one of our partners will probably be able to assist you with finding a car and financing it.

Bad Credit

You can be sure that you are borrowing not only at very competitive interest rates but also with the greatest of confidence. Loan eXpress work at helping you, the customer, whatever your requirements. The financial institutions offer rebates on early settlements and they will under certain conditions consider all circumstances including bad credit, debt court judgments, defaults, or poor credit ratings.

Facilities are available for retired applicants and for people in receipt of pensions/benefit income on different terms. All inquiries are treated on a No Obligation basis so why not for a loan online NOW?