A Few Companies That Provide Iaas Solutions

A Few Companies That Provide Iaas Solutions

1) Oracle IaaS Private Cloud

Oracle’s IaaS Private Cloud provides Oracle Engineered Systems hardware and support for a monthly fee, without any upfront capital expenditure. It pools together the security and control of on-premise systems with exceptional features of cloud computing plus ‘capacity on demand’, which allows businesses to access and pay for peak CPU capacity only when needed.

2) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services presents a whole range of compute and storage offerings, as well as on-demand instances and specialized services such as Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) and Cluster GPU instances along with Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and high-performance SSDs on storage service at http://ontime-marketing.com/. Moreover, the IaaS extends infrastructure services such as workflows, in-memory caching services, message passing, search services, archival storage, relational and NoSQL databases, and much more.

3) Windows Azure

Albeit the name, Windows Azure is not a Windows-only IaaS. The core computes and storage services presented are characteristic of what is found in other IaaS providers, and administrators familiar with Microsoft platforms will realize working with Windows Azure is effortless. The IaaS provides ready access to virtual networks, message queues, service buses, and non-relational storage platforms as well.

4) Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is appropriate for big data, data warehousing, high-performance computing, and various analytics-dedicated applications. It is closely integrated with other Google services like Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, and Google Cloud SQL. Granted that Google Compute Engine is still comparatively ‘green’ in the IaaS market, the fact that it functions on Google’s global infrastructure, involving its private global fiber network and greatly efficient data centers, sets it apart.

5) Rackspace Open Cloud

Rackspace, as one of the co-founders of OpenStack, provides primary cloud computing services with a clear focus on customer service. Rackspace uses OpenStack for its cloud infrastructure, with the capability to run the same platform in-house when opting to migrate to a private or hybrid cloud in the future. A range of operating systems, including Linux and Windows Server are available and simple monitoring checks like ping or HTTP checks can be created easily.

6) IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise runs core compute and storage services in a 5-tier model together with a resource catalog of IBM and non-IBM software. This IaaS is best for companies managing a lot of developers and testers who require the deployment of virtual machines and assign storage efficiently. The service allows the enterprise to manage administrator and user functions, set limits on resources for deployment by users and promptly report on user activity.

7) HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure

HP’s cloud is constructed upon OpenStack and the IaaS service is part of its Converged Cloud Solutions for the public, hybrid, and private clouds. HP provides Windows and Linux command line interfaces (CLI) along with the dashboard as well as a Restful API which allows usage of URL for low-level access to HP’s cloud functions. HP cloud moreover provides simple access to its content distribution network (CDN), especially beneficial for enterprises with a global client or user base.