Nail Polish Review | Party Dress by Tip Top

Nail Polish

This is one of my newest additions to my ever-expanding nail polish collection. The polish is called “party dress” and it’s manufactured by Tip Top. I believe it’s part of the “nail chic” range. I purchased this polish locally. Sorry girls, this polish is only available in South Africa. I’ve researched to find other places to purchase it online, but as it turns out, this range of polishes is manufactured locally and sold exclusively in Clicks stores. Anyone who knows me knows that I adore Essence, but I think Tip Top might be one of my new favorites.

The polish contains no toxins and is entirely free of formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene and Camphor. That, for me, was an added bonus. I thought it was really cool that an affordable polish could be healthier than some of the other more pricey brands out there!

The polish itself is stunning, and the way the light hits the glitter just caught my eye immediately. I was not planning on buying more nail polish, but once I saw it, I just HAD to have it. The glitter in this polish is pink but is also holographic, so there are flashes of color when you least expect it. The base is clear, so the glitter is the only real ‘color’ of this polish. It dried quickly, and I was pretty impressed with how quickly the two thick layers I slathered on dried.

The only problem I have with this polish is that it needs more glitter. The glitter that is in it is gorgeous, but I would have liked a little more of it. The pictures below are with two thick layers, so this polish is perhaps better reserved for occasions where you’d want a little sparkle over your favorite base color.

I definitely think I’ll be buying more of the Tip Top nail polishes. The color range is just incredible, and now that they’re adding glitter polishes to the mix, I’m very interested. I also bought a matte top coat of theirs, and I plan to do a review on that soon. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this polish. Would you wear a party dress?