Primary Mortgage

Primary Mortgage

Planning a second mortgage? Well, you can choose from our comprehensive list of lenders to fit your needs.

How a Second Mortgage Works

A second mortgage is a lien on the property behind a first mortgage. That is a mortgage on real estate that has already been pledged as collateral for a previous mortgage. The second mortgage includes rights dependent on the first mortgage.

If you are facing mortgage and principal mortgage problems and you are forced to default and the bank claims your property, you may have to pay the first mortgage before the remaining funds go into the second mortgage. The loan and all legal principal will be paid off. Well, that will never happen, and even if it inevitably happens, we are here to help you find the right lender. Your concerns become ours. increase!
You can also find ways to combine your first and second mortgages to lower interest rates, build capital faster and develop effective down payment strategies. Please select a lender from the list of marketing services.

First, we search our database of hundreds of eligible lenders to find the best solution for your refinancing needs, helping you secure the best refinancing opportunities and long-term savings. But first, Horizon, we need some information to ensure the best results.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge and belief. Please let us know the type of property you wish to refinance, the purpose of the mortgage, and your current financial situation. Be as specific as possible, as the details you provide will help determine your choices. Call or e-mail with individual pricing within 24 hours.

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