Solve the Problem of the Soaring Divorce Rate?

Solve the Problem of the Soaring Divorce Rate

A compatibility relationship test in some ways should be mandatory for you before you get together in a relationship. The reason I say this is because too often people make decisions without considering what the long-term ramifications can be. It is well known the divorce rate is very high in almost all countries of the developed world, let alone the number of people who separate after long-term arrangements where they are not married, and therefore are not included in these statistics.

I’m sure avoiding marriage relationship problems would be achieved to some extent if more people undertook a compatibility relationship test before proceeding to get together. What often happens is people become infatuated or inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for each other, and go ahead with a marriage or relationship on that basis, without any compatibility quizzes.

It is not surprising when you have problems in your relationship if you go down that road as a consequence of that intense passion. It is so important you are clear about there being a genuine feeling of love between you that a love compatibility test would show, before making any decision regarding the long term. If you are not sure, take your time.

A compatibility relationship test could be a way of checking where you stand. There are so many relationship questions to ask when you find yourself in the situation of considering if you are going to establish an ongoing committed relationship with another person, regardless of whether that involves getting married or not. It is so important you have a compatibility match.

People have different ideas about a whole range of issues in connection to marriage and relationships. If you are not clear about where you both stand in relation to a lot of these before getting together with a relationship test, there will be many basic relationship problems to deal with.

It would not work out very well if you got together and then discovered your partner thought along those lines. As far as I am concerned, it definitely would be a recipe for disaster and involve relationship commitment problems if your partner thought this way. A compatibility relationship test would also reveal where each of you stands as far as integrity is concerned.

If this is an important value for you, and you discover in a compatibility quiz test it is not for your prospective partner, run for your life. Let’s be clear about it. To have integrity involves being honest and having strong moral principles. It means sincerity, truthfulness and trustworthiness are your life’s guideposts. Can you imagine the turmoil ahead if this is not a shared value and you would be able to discover this by means of a compatibility quiz?

Marriage relationship problems would also be inevitable if you have different attitudes. If you are an optimist and your partner a pessimist, forget about it, there is really no chance of a successful relationship. If you have different beliefs, you may be a devout Christian or a fundamentalist, and your prospective partner an atheist, a compatibility relationship test would let you know this. Your approach to life would be very different, making it difficult for you to connect and this would affect your level of intimacy and communication.

The same can be said if you have different political affiliations. It is difficult to imagine how you would relate to each other at a deep level. I am aware of several people where there are these relationship compatibility questions who have been married for a long time. I know they are not really happy, but they stay together, virtually leading separate lives.

If you dismiss the compatibility relationship test and proceed with the marriage or relationship and there are all these differences, you are heading for a situation fraught with peril. There will always be this underlying nagging feeling of discontent, that gnaws away inside you and prevents you from ever experiencing joyousness.

This may become so much part of who you are, you can lose virtually all capacity for sustained peace of mind. Staying in an unrewarding, stifling, or whatever sort of relationship it is for you, is a big sacrifice to make. There will be no acknowledgment of your achievement, nor awards or prizes. Do the compatibility relationship test and take ahead of the results. You are now at a fork in the road of life, and the decisions you make will have major consequences for the rest of your lifetime.