Tax Refund When You Run a Business

Many who run businesses wonder when they will receive their tax refund. The answer is that it depends on when you declare and whether you have to pay withholding tax or not. Every year all companies must be declared and every year there is great curiosity about the tax refund. We have collected the tax agency’s dates for this year’s tax refund, regardless of whether you run a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, trading company or an association. It could be, for example, for travel to and from work, personal savings for retirement or a study at home.

When you run a sole proprietorship, you declare your business at the same time as you make your regular income declaration as a private individual. You add an ne form to your regular declaration. If you run a limited company, you declare the company completely independent of your personal finances and usually at a different time. Therefore, it also differs in time when you as an entrepreneur receive your tax refund.

For limited companies, trading companies and associations, there are different financial years and thus different dates for payment of any tax refund. Here you can see the dates that apply for sending final tax statements for your particular company. If you, regardless of company form, have registered a recipient account with the tax agency, the money will be deposited there automatically. You can report a recipient account via the tax agency’s e-service tax account and there select payment.

You who do not have a recipient account must yourself request that the money be paid out. Otherwise, the money will remain with the tax agency until you yourself request your tax refund. Then you will receive your money via a bank giro avi. To be able to register a recipient account via e-service, you need an e-identification. Even for associations, you must have registered a tax account, otherwise you must request payment of the money. You then need to make adjustments so that the final tax is correct, so-called tax adjustments.

You do know that you can declare your company online, right. You do this on the tax agency’s website where you log in to the e-service income declaration. There is the ne appendix which consists of three parts, general information, balance sheet and income statement, and tax adjustments. In general information, you fill in information about yourself and your company. In the balance sheet and income statement, you must fill in information from your annual accounts.

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