The Best Color of Hair

The Best Color of Hair

Selecting a suitable cut for our factions and knowing fixes or add-ons to make a more stylish hairstyle is very important, but it is still more important to know what color we do better for our skin tone. The variety of pigments and combinations between these is almost endless starting with the base colors, which quite emulate the natural color of the neutral range, the range also the nuances that consist of the ashes, gold, mahogany, orange iridescent up, and add the latter to the base hue.

This season is very fashionable to combine several colors with high contrast, such as a dark base with reddish streaks or dark brown with a platinum blonde.

We must also think of the color we want for our hair, not all support the same hair dye shades. If you want to use lighter shades you should bleach your hair before. Keep in mind that the darker and clearer our hair the color you want to achieve more suffering, why should not rule out this option, all guards before and after applying the dye?

A pale skin tone will favor much champagne, honey or orange, giving the pallor of a more angelic face, completely ruling out dark colors. If you have a clear natural base and add some fuses with the chosen color, get a very natural effect. Dark skin should lean toward red, mahogany, aubergine, and chestnut completely ruling that there will be no contrast. preserve tones of your natural hair is a factor to consider.

We must pay close attention to hair care after dyeing, the hair is damaged enough by the effect of ammonia that is in charge of opening the hair cuticle to penetrate the color, the hydrogen peroxide is responsible for removing pigment from hair and achieving the color set.

Having said that we can better understand the process that happens to hair and because it needs so much care, the cuticle after it is left open, the hair loses moisture, shine and elasticity. Hydration is essential, use a shampoo for colored hair and a suitable mask, in summer, must be protected from the sun like our skin with sunscreen or scarves.