Tips for Choosing the Color of Highlights

Choosing the Color of Highlights

As we have seen, the strands have become very popular in recent times, if we choose the right color can highlight them much our features, making us look more beautiful than ever. Wicks give us light and rejuvenate our image without radical changes, so today we bring you a series of tips to choose the color that you favor to you, so you choose the most suitable. Pay close attention!

One of the key points to consider when locks us is that the slogan is to achieve naturalness and hair color often has many shades, is a great idea to combine strands of different shades, though, never more than two color tones below the base of the hair.

For example, if your hair is dark brown tone, then you most favor the wicks in reddish or copper. It is important to avoid a color too light, and that would contrast too much with the natural base tone hair and the effect would not be natural.

On the other hand, if your color is light brown, then the best are golden and candy, they bring light to the face and refresh the image. We strongly recommend applying some strategic wicks facial contours and at the top to create the illusion of more hair volume. These were some of the tips that we had to give, I hope they are very useful and you will achieve the effect you want, good luck!