Toning Hair

Toning Hair

Hair coloring is not as commonly resistant to paint, and light is the means to make the shades. Toning Hair attracts many women because it gives an opportunity to taste a variety of shades before you decide on a radical change of hair color. In particular, tinting the hair is suitable for those who like to give their hair a new shade to the dictates of fashion, thereby effortlessly providing a new image. Toning Hair is softer than the paint to restore the natural color of the hair, which is just beginning to turn gray (no more than 40% gray).

By means of rendering the hair, you can change the hue or color to make a home more saturated. Paints for tinting the hair are absolutely not related to the internal structure of the hair, but only the envelope, and to keep the cuticle scales. When aligning the structure of the hair tinting hair can also provide a rich and beautiful shine, as well as natural hair color. Such dyes are gradually washed away with each shampoo, and they leave no sharp boundary between the colored hair and unpainted. In contrast to the stable dyes or clarification, they are more gentle on the hair because they do not have ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

There is a gentle and intense rendering of hair. In an intensive toning colors of hair are not ammonia, but only a small amount of oxidizing agents, they stay about two months. With their help, you can lighten a few shades or color in any dark color. When tinting the hair sparing the paint can hold approximately 2 – 4 weeks, allowing more frequent rendering of hair. In these vehicles, as a rule, there are various supplements and vitamins, which are easier to comb from her hair and easy to care for them, without violating the very structure of the hair. For the lightest of tinting the hair, there are different means in the form of mousses, foams, shampoos and even aerosols, which are completely washed out after 1 – 2 shampooing. This is especially true for neon bright colors.

By toning the hair his technique is not much different from painting the hair. The tool is applied to wet and clean hair. Also, dress gloves, and clothing, are concealed from the stain. The skin near the site is protected by painted fat cream, due to which the paint will wash off easily from the skin. If paint gets on your skin, then it must be washed off a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The paint is usually applied to the entire palm and then spread over the entire length of hair. After that, the hair comb has wide teeth, so that would lay the paint evenly. It is necessary to sustain the paint while it appears in the instructions, then rinse hair with water as long as it is not clear.

When tinting the hair with shampoo toning it should be applied to the hair twice. The second time it is left on the hair for 3 – 5 minutes, and only then washed off. When tinting the hair can be used as one or several colors. Before this procedure is often performed clarification of certain strands. But if your color you want to add a darker color, the hair does not need to be clarified. In order to get the effect of naturalness, use no more than three colors that are close to your color, and play with a glare of light and dark tones.

You can tint a delicate play of colors and wider locks. The color of these funds has a fairly extensive palette. But first, you need to carefully examine the nuances of the toning table of assets and natural resources. It is best to undertake a tone that’s closest to your natural color. But there will be no miracles, and lighten your hair using a tool you do not succeed. Light means the hair a dark color will simply not be visible.

When tinting hair lighter shades can get the effect as it burns the hair, which looks quite nice on long hair. Just toning the hair makes it possible to conduct experiments with red and copper hues, especially fair-haired and dark blondes, because these agents have all the colors of fashionable red and red tones.

A few months before, how to hold the hair tinting, as well as prior to painting, we must cease to apply henna, in order, that would not get the unwanted color. Before toning is often useful to cure and strengthen weak and dull hair, because even the most harmless coloring tools really are not. Further, the hair, after tinting the hair, too, is in need of care with the help of special equipment, such as balms, shampoos and masks for colored hair.