Basic Human Anatomy

Some Simple Concepts and Basic Human Anatomy

The skeleton seen from the side has a neck curved forward it has a reverse curve in the upper and middle back the lower back curves forward again then the coccyx follows the pelvis in a reverse curve. The next progression is a forward bend occurring at the knees, then another reverse bends at the ankles and feet.
To fully understand this concept, the bodies are alternately bent back and forth, acting like a giant spring in the middle.

And this gigantic spring, compressing and expanding in the coils, resists and absorbs shock. So, as you walk, remember to keep the concept of the body as a giant source. Keep your body horizontal and balanced head over shoulders across hips just behind knees and just in front of ankles. The giant spring concept minimizes the strain on the skeleton when walking or doing other exercises.

Proper Running Form:

When walking, the center of gravity should be directly over the toe as it touches the ground. The heel hits first, then the midfoot. Most of your body weight should be directly on your mid-foot when your knee is bent.
Lean forward to start walking. There is no need to push as the body naturally falls forward. due to gravitational attraction. Then move on to the next foot and repeat the process. Increasing the amount of Lean increases the feed rate.

Benefits of Good Walking:

Good gait mechanics are important in walking, walking, brisk walking, and brisk walking. By keeping the body in proper alignment and utilizing the concept of the body as a giant spring, body stress is minimized, heel strike is minimized, and injury is minimized.