Glitter Tip Manicure with Dotting Tool Flower

Glitter Tip Manicure

A glitter tip manicure always looks amazing, and I’ve done two sets of one of my favorite designs recently. One was in a glittery teal color and the other was in a pearlescent pink with holographic glitter. These designs were both done on short nails, so this is the perfect thing if you’ve just started growing your nails (or for those occasions where you’re forced to trim down).

That said, this nail art design should work just as well on longer nails, and you could use the extra space to add an extra flower. Read my nail art tutorial to see how to do this design at home, quickly and easily.

I started by pushing back the cuticles and applying a clear base coat.
I created a French tip using pink pearlescent nail polish and then tidied up the curve using a small nail art brush and acetone.
I applied a clear polish with holographic glitter in it over the top of the tips.
The dotting tool flowers were next. I used white nail polish and a large dotting tool to create the petals and then finished each flower with a dot of the same pink polish I used for the tips.
I used a white nail art striper to create the squiggly bits around the flowers.
The rhinestone on the ring fingers came last.
Seal the design with a top coat of your choice, and you’re done.

Handy Tips:

Use a clear base for this design, especially if you lack the steady hand needed for the French tip manicure! This makes it easy to go back with a small brush and acetone to tidy up the edges. If you use a colored polish, it’ll leave a mark.

Use rapid spray and a nail dryer to dry this design faster. The dotting tool flowers can take some time to dry properly and may remain soft even after the top of the polish has dried. Try to be careful with your hands for at least an hour or two after having done this design.

Both the end results were stunning, and I wanted to share both to show the contrast between the two. It’s exactly the same design, but just using different products. The first is really eye-catching and fun while the second is more subtle and a little more feminine. If you lack the dotting tool skills or a steady hand, try using French tip manicure guides and flower stickers to complete the design. This way, even beginners can get a really stunning result in very little time.