New Variants of Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles
  • White Bouquet: The unconditional originality and exclusivity of this hairstyle emphasize tape in a grid, with a small bouquet on the side. Of course, this decoration is okay not only to blend in with the wedding dress but with the overall style of the bride.
  • Goddess: A great alternative to a classic hairstyle. This carefree-looking Greek-style curly hair stabbed at random is ideal for updating your hairstyle. This type of hairstyle is best suited for thick and naturally curly hair. However, you can also ask your stylist for your hair, he prepared a similar hairstyle.
  • Gentle Pony: If you never leave home without their hairpins, then this type of wedding hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle will be quite a good trick that no problems will look elegant and chic. This hairstyle is perfect for a low-cut dress. 
  • The siren: Adding some clearly unexpected elements to a wedding hairstyle will add a little bit of drama. Ostrich feathers on this one, inspired by 40 40-year bubbled comb, the fine will be combined with plain white netting.
  • Twist: Hairstyles with hair gathered into a shell or beam probably never go out of fashion. However, we propose to breathe a little bit of novelty into the classics. You can also ask your stylist to place the collected hair exactly in the center, or alternatively, asymmetrically. A beautiful story of this day you do not need to wear the crown to look like a princess. Allow your hair to fall randomly, but adjust its direction to beautiful hairpins. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types. Part of the perfect center parting or side could look too serious, however, do not be afraid to use it in hairdos, since the right hairstyle decorated with the parting could be really great. This type of wedding hairstyle is perfect for straight hair. In addition, this hairstyle will draw attention to the open ears and thus to the earrings.
  • Locks: Wedding hairstyles can make a very unusual and original if the back of the hair seals the so-called locks. Moreover, the color of locks you can pick the color of the wedding dress and bouquet. The retro glamor of this hairstyle, albeit somewhat unusual for such events as weddings, can nevertheless be regarded as almost a classic. The structure of your hair can be absolutely anything, but what’s really important for the hair is its length. And adjusting the tape in this hairstyle, you can highlight a line of cheekbones and face. With shaggy hair, I can be quite afraid to increase the amount of curly hair. Hairpins will prevent the ingress of hair in his eyes. A particularly impressive hairstyle will look like in a wedding dance. Flower of this hairstyle, with hair combed up, will be relevant at all times. Its main peculiarity is that each time a hair is somewhat different than the previous one. Try to decorate the hair with white flowers. He will emphasize the beauty of the bride and her attire. 

On The Crest Of Romance

This hairstyle is a bit frivolous and romantic. The main effect is achieved through the hair comb or hairpins, adhering to decaying, slightly curly hair with one hand. Of course, this hairstyle is possible only with long hair.


A hairstyle, which visually increases the amount of hair. Pinned back hair, open face, and will not interfere during the holiday. Also, you have the opportunity to dream up and beautify decaying curly hair. This romantic hairstyle is for those who love originality. A falling curl will give you a certain charm, mystery, and romance. To make this hairstyle well-behaved stylists will have to use studs.

Wedding Braided Hairstyle

This is beautiful and sophisticated at the same time. Your stylist will be like to try to achieve the desired effect. This hairstyle is suitable for an “active” wedding, for example, a wedding or a wedding in the nature of the sea.