Psychological Benefits of Running

Nobody doubts the benefits of running , but can running improve your emotional management? We are going to respond by analyzing 6 situations, real cases where this intimate relationship between body and mind is manifested. the psychological benefits of running , enjoy the article, i hope that after reading it you run after your goals.

We must admit, running has become fashionable. And as a psychologist who tries to help people manage their emotions, the first thing i think about when faced with this reality is… Welcome to the running fashion! Are the much talked about benefits of running real? Are they so important on a psychological level? Is it justified that sports psychology has more and more importance, and not only in the field of sports competition.

It is scientifically proven that regular physical activity brings psychological benefits beyond the obvious physical benefits. We all know the mental strength that many elite athletes display, but at a normal, everyday level, the psychological benefits of sport are undoubted: it improves self-confidence, raises self-esteem, promotes and increases well-being, reduces the perception of stress and increases intellectual performance, these are just some benefits of physical activity.

The emotional benefits of physical activity are undoubted, and these benefits are confirmed in studies, which indicate that athletes tend to perceive a higher quality of life than non-athletes. The impact of physical activity and sport on health, cognition, socialization and academic performance: a theoretical review.

Beyond the release of endorphins with which the well-being of the runner is usually related, i would like to focus on the psychological benefits of running, showing and explaining 6 situations with which all the people who go out for a run they will have faced each other on some occasion. Without a doubt, if they have learned to manage them, they will have had the opportunity to realize that this same management can be transferred to other life situations beyond sports practice.

From this perspective, the answer to the question with which we opened this post – are the benefits of running that are talked about so much real? – is simple: the benefits of running can go beyond the feeling of well-being and liberation. Of stress we have after running. Let’s run towards these 6 situations!

An important component of good emotional management is not getting carried away by impulsive decisions. A bad experience when starting to run can have many causes, and above all, many interpretations. Think objectively, inform yourself, analyze why those first experiences are not meeting your expectations. Sometimes in life we do not get an immediate reward for our actions.

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