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Storytelling is basically about the art of telling a good story. With a population whose attention span is gradually decreasing, it is important to ensure that your company arouses the interest and memory of its target audience. It is of course easier said than done, but there are actually some concrete tips and advice on how you can use storytelling to strengthen your brand and succeed with storytelling.

What does storytelling mean?

To begin with, it helps to understand what the concept of storytelling is actually about. Storytelling simply means story-telling and is a brand strategy that means that through stories and a certain narrative, you communicate the company’s values, culture and history to your target group. In storytelling can be described as strategic storytelling. It’s basically about finding and creating your brand story. Through corporate storytelling, you can connect with your target group and humanize the company so that customers can form a relationship with it.

Don’t underestimate a good story

The significant objects experiment is an example of how a good story can increase the value of something. In the same way that storytelling made objects more interesting, storytelling can also be used to increase a company’s popularity. In order to know what is important to focus on in your brand story, it is good to map out what the target group thinks is important and interesting. However, you should never lie or make things up just to make it sound good, such things tend to come to the surface later.

However, you can choose to highlight certain things more and others less, but what you choose to highlight with your storytelling should therefore be something that interests and engages the target group you want to reach. Successful storytelling often describes something unique. There it is also important to know which parts of your story should be highlighted. If the company’s history contains something that stands out from the crowd, is special or attention-grabbing in a positive way, this should be highlighted.

This is because it creates an image that the company is actually different compared to the competitors and it also contributes to creating a pr value. When using corporate storytelling to build your corporate identity, you should make sure to first create a core story to start from. It should contain the most important parts of the company’s history and not be too long or complicated. A rule of thumb is that everyone who works at the company should be able to remember and reproduce the core story of their workplace.

Employees, customers and stakeholders must all be able to understand and adopt it without difficulty. Based on the core story, you can then embroider the story and tell in more detail about different parts, such as important people, events or values. In order for the target group to feel connected to the company, it is good to highlight people who have been important to the company during its history.

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