Tradition and Beauty Combine

Wedding Ring

As one of the most valuable metals, gold naturally ranks as a popular material for engagement and wedding rings and for the setting of precious stones. Its rarity and resistance to corrosion make gold jewelry a favorite token to represent undying love and commitment to a partner.

The Glamor Of Gold

The beauty of gold is another reason it is so highly prized in wedding rings and other jewelry. Its relative softness means that it can be easily worked to create intricate and delicate designs. To strengthen gold for practical purposes, it is often mixed with other metals such as silver or copper.

  • 24 karat is 100% pure
  • 18 karat is 75% pure
  • 14 karat is 58.3% pure

Ironically, while 24K gold has the deepest and richest color, it is usually too soft to be used in rings: for example, there is a risk that the prongs in a gem setting will bend too easily.

Many buyers, therefore, choose 18K or 14K gold wedding bands for their greater durability, even though the color may be less yellow. Some couples move away from the gold color entirely and prefer white gold for their rings. White gold resembles silver but with a yellow tint and is less likely to tarnish than a silver wedding ring.

Many brides and grooms opt for a simple but elegant plain ring. Others prefer a diamond ring that combines the beauty of the gemstones and the metal setting. Eternity wedding bands, displaying diamonds in a setting that goes all around the ring, are also popular.

And if the groom is looking for men’s wedding rings that are just that bit different from the typical plain band, the addition of a diamond or two can make it very distinctive.

Finding a Design that Suits Your Lifestyle

There are men’s wedding rings to suit almost any taste and personal style. These days, it’s becoming more and more usual for the groom as well as the bride to wear a ring. And because some men may feel confused by the wide range of options available, it’s important to take into account lifestyle considerations as well as design preferences when making a choice.

There’s no single “correct” choice of wedding ring for a man any more than there is for a woman. Many men opt for a plain wedding band that will not interfere with daily activity at work or during leisure time. Others are attracted to a ring set with diamonds or other stones. Sometimes the issue of matching the bride’s ring is most important.

What ring styles appeal to you?

Are you interested in a plain ring or a band with an understated design or pattern?
Do you like the idea of a more unique design but still relatively unshowy?
Are you attracted by the idea of something high-tech, such as a titanium ring?
If you have an Irish family connection or simply an interest in traditions and culture see what’s available in a range of men’s wedding rings.

How will you wear your ring?

Do you work with your hands? If so, will you prefer to take your ring off when you’re working or do you need one that stands up to heavy wear and tear?
Are you a sportsman? Are you looking for a ring that will withstand the treatment that comes with your favorite activities?
Browse through the varied selection available to find a ring that not only matches your style but is practical and durable enough to suit everyday wear.