What Is a Travel Agency?

What Is a Travel Agency

Travel agencies, specifically Travel Agents, are a special case. These agents have earned a series of certifications to become the best in the business and continue their learning through various programs available through Travel University. In addition, the travel agency itself has traveled all over the world. As true travel enthusiasts, they have the best first-hand knowledge you can’t get from online research.

When you book your vacation with an authorized digital marketing and designs agency, you not only receive first-class service, but you are partnering with an agency that specializes in exactly the type of trip and destination you are looking for. Travel agency services are not only free of charge, as industry partners pay agency fees, but you can also book with a real person. No site knows you and cares about you like Travel agents.

Are Travel Agents Worth It?

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It might come as a surprise to you, especially when many other travel agencies have their customers pay at least some sort of fee, but Travel Agents come at no extra cost to you.

A Travel Agent’s entire commission is based on a percentage from the vendor you end up booking with (the hotel, the airline, etc.), so you’ll be paying the same amount while also helping someone who cares about your trip make money, too!

Vacation Destinations

The world is full of amazing places. We`ll excitedly add to this section as we produce more destination-specific pieces.


One of the world’s most beloved vacation destinations, the Caribbean is filled with adventure, rainforests, white sand beaches, and amazing views.


There is a place in Europe perfect for every vacationer’s style and part of the allure is being able to travel to various countries in one trip.

North America

Whether you want to travel to the United States, Canada, Mexico, or the islands, North America has something for everyone.