10 Ways to Laugh And Be Healthy

10 Ways to Laugh and Be Healthy

Laughter is not only the best medicine but also the most affordable way to stay healthy. It doesn’t cost you a single penny and offers numerous health benefits. A good laugh proves highly beneficial to the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, and endocrine system.

Laughter’s healing properties also help you to reduce your blood pressure and stress levels. In spite of having so many benefits, people don’t laugh much. Today, a good percentage of people suffer from seriousness, depression and anger due to stiff competition and hectic lifestyle which is quite fatal for their health. According to many researchers, a good laugh can not only make you healthy but also help your body to stay disease-free.

In other words, it can boost your immunity system to a great extent. So, it becomes really important for everyone to laugh in order to stay healthy. Adding laughter to your daily routine doesn’t cost you much and is a very easy task. So, how can you add more laughter to your day when times are tough and life is rough? Let’s find out the simple ways to pack more laughter into your day to stay healthy and stress-free:

Watch Comedy Serials And Clips: This is the most apt way to add humor and laughter to your dull or rough day. When you are facing such a day while at the office or home, spare some time for a humor break. If you are at the office, step outside to breathe fresh air and watch a small piece of comedy on your smartphone or tablet. It will not only make you feel relaxed but bring an instant smile to your face which can easily transform into a big laughter. With the growing number of comedy shows and funny WhatsApp clips, one can easily get an essential laughter dose without any hassles. On the other hand, YouTube is a hub of funny clips and TV shows such as Comedy Nights with Kapil, Friends, Mad Show, and many more.

Make Friends with Funny People: There is a great saying that ‘Laughter is infectious’. If you have funny people around you then there will be very less chances of getting serious or having a dull moment. Some people are blessed with a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. They have the power to inject happiness into a dull moment. So keep such positive people around you to overcome bad days.

Laugh While You Are On The Move: Here, we are not asking you to laugh like a mad person. Just by making a simple change, you can reduce your stress levels. Instead of a news channel, try out a comedy radio to add an essential dose of laughter while driving to your office or home. According to research, comedy radio proves very beneficial for drivers and minimizes stress levels in traffic. It will help you to lift your spirits and put you at ease. Consequently, you can arrive at your office or home relaxed and ready to take on the day very peacefully. Slowly and gradually, you will be able to laugh at daily little irritations.

Read Comic Books: Reading books is a very good habit for all age groups. But reading comic books is a great stress-buster in this hectic lifestyle where neck-to-neck competition becomes a daily routine and people tend to lose patience with very little things. Reading comic books will help you to combat stress levels, especially at night.

Maintain A Positive Attitude: In today’s life when people are occupied with tensions and worries, it is a tough task to maintain a positive attitude. The more you try to be positive, the more it becomes difficult. So it is better not to wait for happiness. Don’t wait for good things to happen in life because life has its own course and everything changes with time. Try to create a happy environment to remain happy today and tomorrow. This is what we call a positive attitude. Just believe in yourself. However, being positive doesn’t mean seeing the brighter side of life, but it means adapting yourself to changing situations and enhancing your strength levels. Also, control your aggressive or negative attitude because it will take you nowhere and you end up inviting trouble for yourself. So refrain from such unwanted behavior and try to control your aggression levels.

Have A Forgiving Attitude In Life: We meet end number of people in life, personally or professionally. If we carry the burden of the past on our shoulders then it becomes very difficult to move in life. When someone hurts you, don’t forgive him right away, but don’t even keep it for so long. Just forgive and forget in order to move on and live a happy life. Just remember one thing in life nobody is perfect and you can also make the same mistake in life. Just put yourself into the culprit’s shoes. Moreover, if you don’t have a forgiving attitude, you can’t stay happy and enjoy any imperfect relationships.

Join Laughing Yoga Class: In this hectic lifestyle, it is very difficult to find time for recreational activities. But joining a meditation or laughing yoga class brings joy to your life. Also, laughing in a group adds a sense of communion and gives an adrenaline rush to feel-good endorphins. Moreover, it is very easy to laugh in these classes unlike laughing alone which is quite a task for anyone. So, to get an essential dose of laughter daily, join these classes.

Build Up Your Sense Of Humor: Having a good sense of humor will not only make you feel happy but also make you popular in your friend circle. It is considered one of the major assets one can have. It not only adds uninterrupted laughter into your daily routine but also helps to lower your stress levels. Though people think it is very difficult to have a good sense of humor, it is very easy to have one without making much effort. You just need to change your perspective and see the lighter side of things rather than exaggerating them to another level. Don’t get too serious about little things, comments, and problems in day-to-day life. Just feel relaxed and laugh your problems away. There is no use in showing aggression and spoiling your mood on little things in the office or at home. Just laugh at your mistakes in order to cultivate humor in your life. It will not only help you to stay happy and healthy but also help in building your positive image in society.

Hang Out With Friends Often and Laugh with Others: Always remember that you need to make efforts to build a sense of humor and laughter stock. Knowing the numerous benefits of having a good laughter attack every day, you should work on it rather than waiting for someone to make you laugh every time. So learn how to get loose and laugh which will eventually help you to develop a sense of humor. Share jokes with your friends and try to bring a smile to everybody’s face. Though it’s a difficult task to do, consistent efforts will definitely bring good results for you. Play funny pranks when you are out with friends or try to imitate your friend to bring instant laughter. But to laugh and make others laugh, you should be in a good mood.

Laugh At Your Self: It is very important to laugh at yourself and your mistakes because if you can laugh at yourself, you can easily forgive yourself. It is also a sign of an optimistic person and having a sense of humor. There are many top-notch celebrities who laugh at their mistakes and stay positive without giving a chance to others to laugh at them. For instance, a very popular singer and actress Madonna has made her share of mistakes for which she received a lot of criticism too. But, she always took criticism in a very positive way which gifts her longevity in the entertainment business for over 30 years. Who doesn’t mind laughing at themselves in order to stay positive and live a healthy lifestyle?

Last but certainly not least, changing yourself in a day is a difficult task, but at least give it a try. A good laugh, a positive attitude and an optimistic attitude will help you go places. A good laugh can not only release stress levels but also keep you healthy without burning a hole in your pocket. It is the simplest and most affordable way to keep yourself fit and healthy in the world. The minute it starts, your all irritations and problems slip away and a lively spirit starts taking its place. So laugh as much as you can as it will make you live longer, happier and healthier.