An Effective Sales Strategy

In the survey, a small group of three percent stood out among all companies. They are designated as leaders in digital transformation because they meet four important criteria. Focus on real transformation they avoid short-term changes and prefer to work with changes across the entire organization. Digitization becomes an opportunity to find new business models. First, change the features that customers face. They see the customer experience as the key to a successful digital transformation. They have also managed to connect their customer efforts with internal business processes, partners and suppliers.

Invests in next-generation technology using a bimodal architecture. It separates how to manage your basic technology and more advanced solutions that require rapid development. Therefore, they can maintain their core functions and at the same time invest in, for example, the cloud, enterprise mobility, big data, analytics, the internet of things, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The need for competence in digital transformation is very great and they invest heavily in recruitment and training. The tools are designed to improve employee engagement and meet the demand for new ways of working. The study also shows that technology is crucial management expects new technology and changes to have a strong impact on their organization over the next two years. Close to 75 percent of executives say technology is critical to growth, competitiveness and improving the customer experience.

The employees are central effective leadership is seen as the most important factor for success and employees must have the latest skills. Transformation drives results medium-sized companies expect digitization to improve performance across a range of functions. An effective sales strategy should function as an ecosystem. The choice of what type of business the company wants to do will affect most parts of the business. The core is the purchase logic – and based on it, the other parts should be adjusted.

According to sales coach, it is about making as thorough an analysis of the purchase logic as possible. He divides it into four parts customer needs, purchase complexity, purchase behaviors, and purchase criteria. Everything starts with the purchase logic. You need to create a strategy for the company. Then it is rather uninteresting to look at one’s own perspective. You need to look at it from your customers perspective. What do they want to buy and how do they want to buy it. Understand your market and your customer needs.

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