Social Media Training

Social Media Training

As a social media manager, you can work from anywhere, on the go. Having a job and not having to take time off to enjoy a little rest and relaxation is definitely a blessing. However, some planning and work are required before boarding the flight. Here are some tips to make sure you deliver what you promise to your customers and enjoy their well-deserved downtime.

Please plan:

In advance. Manually select a photo, make any changes you want, and have it ready on your device. Write down the caption for easy reference. This makes posting easier and ensures you never miss a spectacular sunset.

Plan what you can do:

Thanks to Hootsuite & Buffer, captions and reminders to post on Facebook and Twitter can get some of the work done before you leave for your trip. Alternatively, for blog posts, setting them to post via the scheduler is also a great option. You can show your readers something while enjoying Mai Tai. Do it privately by setting a reminder on your phone when a blog post is about to be published. That way you can be sure that it was posted correctly, etc.

Get your hashtags ready:

Vacation or not, this is real-time savings. Create shortcuts for them on your phone or in your notes for easy copy and paste. When you arrive at your destination, you can set a reminder on your phone to allow for time changes and post on time. This worked for my last vacation. That way, you can post to your customers in real time.

Set an out-of-office message in your mail:

To be honest, you are enjoying your free time. Also, let your employer know that you are out of the office in case there is a delay in replying to messages, etc.