Platinum Elegant Wedding Ring

Platinum Elegant Wedding Ring

Platinum wedding rings are a popular choice for couples who are looking for bands made of a precious metal that’s very durable. Its stunning white color that shines after polishing makes platinum a very suitable material for a wedding ring.

Even rarer than gold, platinum also enjoys a romantic status as a symbol of love that will endure forever. It’s also preferred by some people who have allergic reactions to other types of jewelry. While it’s similar in appearance to white gold, platinum is less brittle and so is preferred by some jewelers as a safer long-term setting for precious stones.

Platinum wedding rings are relatively costly, given the rarity of the metal. But many couples consider it a worthwhile expense for a piece of jewelry to be worn for a lifetime. Look for markings indicating 950 platinum as a sign of quality.

The Romance Of Ancient Traditions

Do you have an Irish family connection or a love of culture and tradition? Then a Celtic wedding ring may be right for you. The history and craftsmanship of jewelry go back hundreds of years. Irish rings often incorporate symbols or motifs with an ancient spiritual meaning or elemental significance. Spirals, crosses, shields, and the famous Trinity Knot are all designs that can be found on different Irish wedding rings. These items are regularly found in platinum, gold, white gold and sterling silver.

Wedding Rings

Some of the most famous wedding bands are wedding rings, named after a village near Galway in Ireland. this design dates back to the story of a 17th-century Irishman who was captured by pirates, sold into slavery and eventually learned the craft of making jewelry from a Moorish goldsmith.

The motif of the ring shows two hands over a heart symbol, above which is the shape of a crown or fleur de lys.

Traditionally, the ring is worn on the right hand with the point of the heart facing outwards to show that your heart is “available”. During courtship the ring is worn the other way round and after marriage the ring changes to the left hand, again with the point of the heart facing inwards, as a symbol of commitment to your spouse. There are many delightful and romantic traditions associated with Celtic jewelry and of course, you don’t necessarily have to be Irish to wear it!