Why is Skin Care Important to Your Health?

Why is Skin Care Important

Skin Care has never been more vital to our health and well-being. The many pollutants in the air that surround us, the additives in the food we eat, and the stress in our busy lives all take a heavy toll on our health and appearance.

Sun Damage to Skin

Skin cancer, acne, and premature aging are more prevalent than ever. Skin cancer has risen from 1 in 1500 in 1935, 1 in 100 in 1995, and 1 in 75 in 2000. Ninety percent of the aging process is due to the sun and 70% is through casual exposure; 80% of sun damage occurs by the age of 18.

Tanning beds alter your immune system functions, and 15-30 minutes is equivalent to a whole day at the beach. The facts are astounding. Yet very few people take care of their skin and use sunscreen every day. Taking care of your skin should be an important daily procedure, like brushing your teeth, after all, it’s our largest organ and does hold us all together!

My mission is to give you a beneficial, relaxing experience in a private, soothing atmosphere at a reasonable cost. You can have a beautiful complexion, by using pure products, targeting problems with organic substances, having regular facials to deep clean, exfoliate dead cells and promote cell regeneration, getting enough sleep, and time to relax, eating healthy, and drinking lots of water! Please call me to discuss concerns regarding treatments, products, and skin care.