Environmentally Friendly Ways for Soft Skin | Home Remedies

Environmentally Friendly Ways for Soft Skin

Bleach creams, skin softeners, and skin softeners contain hazardous chemicals. The manufacturing processes add environmental pollution while the chemicals pollute our environment and water level inside the earth. We are offering alternatives to these creams. Our home remedies are very environmentally friendly and safe while keeping our world green.

Oranges are available easily and we use them frequently. Get some orange peels. Dry them in the sunlight. When they are dry grind them well so that it becomes powder. Now add some milk to it and make a nice paste. You can rinse it after 15 minutes with lukewarm water. It is an excellent remedy to cleanse your skin and whitens your skin as well.

Can be used regularly on a daily basis. Gram flour is considered good for skin whitening. It has a whitening agent in it. Make a paste with two spoons of gram flour, a little lemon, milk cream, and a pinch of turmeric powder. This paste can be used all over the body.

Take some almonds. Keep them soaked in water overnight. Peel them the next day and crush them well so that they form a paste. Add honey to this paste in a similar quantity. An environmentally friendly and safe whitening cream is ready. You can use it as a face mask for whiter and glowing skin Hair square Instagram page. Use potatoes for white and soft skin. Put potato cutlets on your face for around 15 minutes every day. Potato juice contains a bleaching agent. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to the bleach creams available over the counter.