Your Personal Development Plan

Your Personal Development Plan

Why do you want a personal development plan? Answering this question is the first step in self-awareness that will guide your plan. Something is missing. Or maybe it is there, but you don’t see it or you just want more of it.

STEP 1: You are here. This is where we take stock. Where have you been? What have you done? Most importantly, what recurring lessons have you encountered? All of these things contribute to your beliefs and your accepted truths about life.

Do a little performance appraisal. Rate yourself in different areas of life:

  • Health
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Career
  • Purpose

Are the areas that are most important to you getting most of your attention? Have you taken enough risks, or are you playing it too safe? You may accept that you have certain strengths and weaknesses that cannot be changed. You have a story about yourself, and parts of it may be true. However, you must really objectively evaluate what you tell yourself about yourself to ensure you are not limiting your life.

STEP 2: Who are you? It is important to figure this out because you really don’t want to be using someone else’s personal development plan. What is important to you? Be real about this it is easy to say “making money”, but what is important is really what you want to do with that money.

There is typically so much chatter in your mind, that it is hard to really hear your authentic self. The mind runs like the ticker tape at the bottom of a news show. You do not have to believe every thought that comes.

In fact, it is important to quiet the constant self-talk in order to really hear your inner wisdom. You can literally feel it when something is true it resonates with who you are.