Benefits of Digitization

Unmanned stores in sparsely populated areas, self-driving vehicles in industry, digital health rooms – three examples of how digitization is changing our society. Digitization and technological development play a central role in the future development of upper. It creates opportunities to form competitive companies and new innovative services within, for example, the welfare sector. It can also contribute to a positive development of the balance between city and countryside when accessibility to more and more services, such as e-health and service solutions, become digital.

A rapid development of new technical and digital solutions and an increased amount of information (big data) simultaneously entail challenges in designing secure systems to prevent the spread of sensitive information. It is therefore important to establish systems where this risk is limited and where confidentiality can be ensured. To ensure a long-term and sustainable digital transformation where skills, abilities and capacities are built up and used in ways that can benefit society, a wide range of efforts is required.

Efforts that are carried out therefore need, from a regional perspective, to include both edge and breadth and be based on benefit. In this call, you can apply for funding for initiatives that contribute to developing business and the public sector with the help of digital technology and for initiatives that increase digital security. We would like to see cooperation between the counties and we want you to take the geographical conditions into account in your project.

There are several differences from the previous program period. An important step is that you plan your project so that you have the right to receive the support based on the rules that exist for state support that benefits companies. The state aid rules may, for example, require a larger share of private co-financing. Special emphasis is placed on the mathematical and computer science foundations of ai and machine learning that enable the adoption of new methods. This is particularly important as it is an area that develops very quickly.

The courses follow social development, industry and the latest research. The skills in ai and machine learning are used today in many different areas and industries such as healthcare, the financial market, the cyber security industry and autonomous vehicles. The master’s profile provides a good knowledge of the academic research in the field and prepares those interested in doctoral studies.

The master’s profile opens up a wide range of career opportunities in academia, industry and the public sector, both nationally and internationally. Engineers with deep and broad knowledge of ai and machine learning are highly sought after in the industry. There are also excellent opportunities to continue as a doctoral student and start research in the field.

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