Red Potato Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing

Red Potato Salad

One thing that you’ll find about my recipes is that I make a lot of things from scratch in order to reduce the sodium in our diets. My husband had a small stroke several years ago due to crazy high blood pressure (which is now under control thank goodness!) He tries to keep his sodium intake to about 1200 milligrams per day, which if you’ll look at any packaged food, you’ll see that isn’t much.

One thing that he loves is potato salad. I love it too, but I worry that the versions from the local deli are very high in sodium. I’ve started making it using Greek yogurt for much of the mayo, and this results in a much lower level of sodium in the recipe, while maintaining a scrumptious texture.

Now, why is potato salad on a pressure-cooking blog? Because I can cook the potatoes in 4 minutes in my pressure cooker, therefore speeding up my cooking process, and not heating up my kitchen by boiling potatoes for 30 minutes or so.

Red Potato Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing Recipe

Don’t heat up your kitchen by boiling potatoes on the stove cook them in your pressure cooker for 4 minutes.


Red Potatoes – 8-10 small (1
Reduced Sodium Bacon – 3 strips, cooked and crumbled
Egg – 2, Hard boiled and chopped
Celery – 3 stalks, chopped
Plain Greek Yogurt – 1/2 cup
Reduced Sodium Mayonaise – 1/4 cup
Smoked Paprika – 1 tsp
Black Pepper – to taste
Red Onion – 2 tablespoons, diced (optional)
Chives, fresh – 1 tablespoon


Scrub potatoes well, place them into the pressure cooker, and add 3 cups of water. The water does not need to completely submerge the potatoes. Place the pressure cooker on the burner, bring to pressure and cook at pressure for 4 minutes. Quick-release the pressure according to the manufacturer’s directions, and rinse the potatoes in cool water. Let cool until lukewarm (this process can be speeded up by placing the potatoes in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes.) Chop potatoes roughly and place in a serving bowl. Add remaining ingredients and combine. Garnish with additional paprika and chives (optional.)

Your Red Potato Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing is now ready to be enjoyed! It’s a perfect side dish for barbecues, picnics, or any summer gathering.